4 Pros and Cons of Industrial Revolution


There are some things that have changed the entire complexion of society. The industrial revolution was a period of great change and growth that occurred in both the United States and Europe. There was much innovation and change that took place during this period in history as technology and machinery was developed at a rapid rate. The new methods of production that were created had the ability to transform culture and impact the world that we live in today.

The amount of goods that were able to be produced and the time that it took to produce these goods was changed during the industrial revolution. There were changes in most industries including agriculture, transportation and communication. There was essentially no aspect of life that was not altered as a result of the industrial revolution. Many people debate whether the industrial revolution was good or bad long term. This can only be understood if you take a deeper look at the pros and cons of the industrial revolution.

List of Pros of Industrial Revolution

1. Wealth
Not only did people have the ability to obtain goods in a shorter amount of time, but wealth was also achieved by many people. The class and overall living standards of the people was able to improve in a big way due to the industrial revolution. Now things were much more accessible in a way that goods were not in the past.

2. Production
The creation of factories was also a big benefit of the industrial revolution. With factories in place, goods were able to be produced at high rates and in much shorter tie periods. The creation of factories also resulted in job creation. This means that people had access to goods, but they could also have a job that would enable them to afford to buy these goods.

List of Cons of Industrial Revolution

1. Immigrants
The industrial revolution attracted many immigrants. This results in impoverished people from other countries wanting to come to American and reap the benefits of the industrial revolution. This often results in cities that are crowded and has a negative impact on crime rates.

2. Machine Technology
Even though some jobs were created as a result of the industrial revolution, many more jobs were taken over or replaced by machines. This can have a negative impact on the job market as a whole.