6 Pros and Cons of The Dream Act


Each year, undocumented immigrants make the dangerous journey across guarded borders to sample a taste of greener pastures. While there are laws and regulations that prohibit the illegal crossing of US borders, there have also been bills that seek to improve the lives and futures of the people who successfully make it across.

The DREAM Act, an acronym that stands for Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors, is a bill that aims to provide young and undocumented immigrants in the United States of America the opportunity to become legal citizens. There are certain requirements to be fulfilled, however, before a person can be granted the benefits. While there are ups to this bill, it also has some downsides and so has become the topic of widespread debate.

Pros of the DREAM Act

1. Provides Hope to Immigrants.
The bill states that an immigrant must have been living in the United States of America since they were 15 years old or younger. That being said, these immigrants have been in the nation for much longer than they were in their own country, therefore deporting them would seem cruel. The DREAM Act gives immigrants hope that they will not be removed from the place they have learned to call home.

2. Contributes to the Economy.
By allowing immigrants to integrate into the community, they will be capable of acquiring real jobs, thus contributing to the revenues and profits made in the country.

3. Enables a Chance for Citizenship.
Citizenship comes with many benefits, and for immigrants, this means they gain the chance to access the advantages of being a citizen of the United States.

Cons of the DREAM Act

1. Potential Increase of Illegal Immigrants.
Because of the potential for citizenship, opportunity to work, and countless benefits of the DREAM Act, there might be an influx of illegal immigrants who want to take part in the advantages of the bill.

2. Empowers Those Who are in Violation of the Law.
Illegal immigrants are called illegal for a reason. They entered the country through unlawful means, and providing them these benefits simply empowers the violation of the law.

3. Unfair to Those Who Stuck By the Law.
Those who stayed complied with the law see this act as unfair. There are individuals who went through long, tedious, and tiring processes to earn their citizenship and see this law as unfair treatment.