7 Advantages and Disadvantages of Hydrogen Fuel Cells


If there is one thing that is currently in high demand in society, it is the need for electricity. Electricity is essential to a number of functions and this is resulting in people clamoring for alternatives to traditional electricity. Hydrogen fuel cells are one notable alternative that do exist. A fuel cell is essentially an electrochemical that device that uses both hydrogen and oxygen.

When hydrogen and oxygen are combined, they have the ability to provide the production of electricity. Hydrogen fuel cell technology is most often seen in the automobile industry. It is relatively new and the topic of hydrogen fuel cells is one that many people are still split on. There are both benefits and downsides to the use of hydrogen fuel cells as an alternative source of electricity. It is important that you understand these pros and cons before you come to your own conclusion on the topic.


One of the basic points associated with hydrogen fuel cells that you need to understand is their design and function. These fuel cells act much like a battery. It is a device that has the ability to transform oxygen and hydrogen into electricity. Not only can electricity be produced as a result, but also can heat and water.

The Advantages of Hydrogen Fuel Cells

1. Efficiency
One of the biggest benefits associated with the use of hydrogen fuel cells is efficiency. Electricity is produced in a very efficient manner when hydrogen fuel cells are used. There are different ways that electricity can be produced, but the other options do not allow for the same efficiency levels to be attained. This means that if you are searching for the most efficient production of electricity, the use of hydrogen fuel cells are required. The main reason that efficiency is so high using this method can be seen in the inability to rely on combustion. Combustion is not required with the use of hydrogen fuel cells and this increases efficiency at a dramatic rate as a result.

2. Reliability
Another pro that can be determined with the use of hydrogen furl cells for the production of electricity is reliability. When you compare fuel cells to other alternative like generators, they are much more reliable. Reliability is always a major concern when you are considering the production of electricity, because it is essential.

3. Degradation
It is also important to note that hydrogen fuel cells are a form of electricity production that is renewable. This means that they will not degrade over time like other electricity sources. This is the main way that they are different from traditional batteries. They function in much the same way that a battery does, but a traditional battery will degrade over time. This does not occur with hydrogen fuel cells.

4. Power Plant Variable
Another big benefit is that hydrogen fuel cells do not rely on the creation and existence of large power plants. Many electricity sources require power plants, but this is not the case with hydrogen fuel cells. Efficiency can be maintained no matter what the scale is, which is a huge benefit.

The Disadvantages of Hydrogen Fuel Cells

1. Cost
The main issue when it comes to the use of hydrogen fuel cells as an alternative electricity source is cost. They are extremely expensive and large. Even thought cost is incubi high, it is becoming much more amenable with time. This does leave open the chance that cost will continue to lower and make the use of hydrogen fuel cells feasible. Cost is something that is a major concern when it comes to electricity and it must be managed in order for any type of electricity source to be used.

2. Supply
Another one of the biggest disadvantages associated with hydrogen fuel cells is simply supply. There are not enough in existence to make it a large source of electricity. How hydrogen fuel cells are stored and aspects of delivery need to become much more efficient in nature. These are things that will make hydrogen fuel cells much more accessible.

3. Implementation
It is also important to note that a big downside to hydrogen fuel cells is that implementation of the use of this electricity source does not have the ability to new immediate. This means that this type of technology is still in the beginning stages and using hydrogen fuel cells at a large scale is still not attainable. It is still a few years off before hydrogen fuel cells will be in high demand and used at high rates. This is a downside right now and makes them much less accessible as a result.