What is the Crowdfunding Professional Association

The Crowdfunding Professional Association (CfPA) is dedicated to facilitating a vibrant, credible and growing crowdfunding community. CfPA brings together the many voices behind this historic breakthrough in capital creation.

The CfPA is committed to defending your right to crowd fund. Let your voice be heard. Join the CfPA today.

Crowdfunding Misinformation Runs Rampant as Small Business Owners Wait for Assistance

While the Crowdfunding provision of this bill is months away from implementation and currently not occurring in any form in the U.S., the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) has launched a misinformation campaign about Crowdfunding, by associating a clear-cut fraud case with Crowdfunding. Read More.

New Data Released by CfPA Shows Surprising Results

The Crowdfunding Professional Association in conjunction with Crowdfund Capital Advisors conducted a survey asking 442 entrepreneurs, investors and intermediaries about their interest in crowdfunding, and also about themselves. What we discovered was encouraging as to the level of interest and how much capital they wish to invest. View Survey Result Details.

Crowdfunding 101

CfPA is here to teach you about the basics of Crowdfunding.  In this first series, Sherwood Neiss & Ryan Feit discuss Crowdfunding 101.  In less than 1 hour you can get your feet wet on what you need to know when it comes to crowdfunding a business. There are also plans of integrating bitcoin trading software such as bitcoin up software for crowdfunding and paying the requester.

Who we serve

CfPA serves entrepreneurs, business owners, investors and crowdfunding platforms to help ensure the crowdfunding industry continues to develop in a responsible, transparent and credible manner.

CANADA – Join the Crowdfunding Movement in Canada

CfPA is pleased to announce its collaboration with Invest Crowdfund Canada.  Learn more and attend their November 27th event in New Brunswick.

CfPA Founders Named Among Top 10 Most Influential People in Crowdfunding on Forbes

Forbes Magazine contributor Chance Barnett named Crowdfunding Professional Association founding board members Sherwood Neiss, Jason Best and Candace Klein among the “Top 10 Most Influential People in Business Crowdfunding.”

Who we are

CfPA represents a highly organized team of professionals who not only comprehend the issues and opportunities related to securing funding, but also understand how to best protect entrepreneurs and investors, as well as best stock market brokers. A commitment to the highest ethical standards will enable crowdfunding to expand and continue to thrive into a robust industry.

CfPA Crowdfunding Bootcamp a Success

The Crowdfunding Bootcamp and CFPA Convention in Las Vegas Nevada, October 9-11, was a pivotal event in the establishment of the Equity Crowdfunding industry. Hundreds of crowdfunding thought leaders, service providers, nascent funding portals, social media experts, accounting, legal and policy professionals, and individual entrepreneurs gathered to understand the challenges, the promise, and the nuts and bolts of the coming equity crowdfunding era, how it will be executed, and how it can be made to work for everyone.