CfPA Founders Named Among “Top 10″ Most Influential People in Crowdfunding


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Forbes Magazine contributor Chance Barnett named Crowdfunding Professional Association chair Sherwood Neiss and other CfPA board members among the “Top 10 Most Influential People in Business Crowdfunding.”

“This is my list of crowdfunding revolutionaries; these are the ten I see as innovators, game changers and thought leaders impacting future business crowdfunding – shaping what it will mean for innovation, entrepreneurship, economic growth and jobs,” Barnett explained.

CFIRA board members listed in the top 10 include:

Jason Best and Sherwood Neiss

1.  Jason Best and Sherwood Neiss, co-founders of CFIRA and Crowdfund Capital Advisors. Best and Neiss co-authored parts of the framework of H.R. 2930, which contained the crowdfund investing provisions that became part of the JOBS Act signed into law on April 5, 2012. “Off the Hill, they galvanized a national grassroots coalition of thought leaders,” Barnett wrote.

Candace Klein

2. Candace Klein, CIFRA co-chair and found of and Bad Girl Ventures. “Everyone in crowdfunding seems to know and respect her,” Barnett said.

“These folks helped lead the charge in crowdfunding legislation, and beyond,” Barnett observed. The article encourages businesses and the public to “get involved in crowd funding now.” The Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act authorizes small business to raise capital from small investors on crowdfunding sites. However, the Securities and Exchange Commission must formulate regulations before the launch of any equity crowdfunding. The Forbes article can be viewed here.