What Crowdfunding means to Entrepreneurs

At its heart, crowdfunding links entrepreneurs and good ideas to funding, bypassing the few for the many through Internet-based platforms. Anyone involved in an entrepreneurial effort understands the hardest obstacle to overcome is finding money for their company. Crowdfunding is just beginning to change this landscape for start-up enterprises, pre-launch companies and growing businesses.

Legislation and regulatory efforts have historically tilted the playing field in favor of the large and established institutions. Broker/dealers, investment fund managers, and other established players in the financial markets have been the gateway and gatekeepers to America’s greatest capital resources. However, with the advent of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, and the incorporation of Crowdfunding into the capital marketplace, retail investors will soon have access to opportunities once only available to venture capitalists and Wall Street’s elite.

All entrepreneurs recognize funding from close relatives, friends, and others in their personal networks usually meets only a small portion of their financial needs. Going beyond that close circle has been a perennial challenge until the advent of the Internet and the explosion of social networks. Many entrepreneurs have gained additional access to funding through innovative donation and rewards-based crowdfunding websites. Through the JOBS Act, if implemented with common sense rules and regulation, entrepreneurs’ access to funding will dramatically increase through equity-based crowdfunding platforms and options.

The Crowdfunding Professional Association (CfPA) is dedicated to facilitating a vibrant, credible and growing crowdfunding community that brings together the many voices behind this historic breakthrough in capital creation. Serving entrepreneurs and business owners, as well as investors, we will help ensure the Crowdfunding industry continues to develop in a responsible, credible manner. CfPA represents a highly organized team of professionals who not only comprehend the issues and frustrations related to securing funding, but also understand how to best protect entrepreneurs and investors. A commitment to the highest ethical standards will enable crowdfunding to expand and continue to thrive.

Entrepreneurs and investors will need a united and influential voice to ensure that the status quo in fundraising is not maintained at the expense of good ideas, innovation and job creation. The White House and congressional representatives welcomed our input as evidenced by the creation of JOBS Act. Yet, now the hard part begins to ensure the rules and regulations are fair and truly unleash the most powerful economic engine in the world – the crowd of global investors, entrepreneurs and business owners. The Crowdfunding Professional Association (CfPA) is that united front for advocacy, fostering integrity and championing the burgeoning global crowdfunding industry and vast ecosystem.

Crowdfunding benefits:

  • Great access to funding at all levels; concept, start-up and growth.
  • Greater validation of entrepreneurial ideas in a given market.
  • The ability to identify champions for your idea and what you are proposing.
  • It is the epitome of doing what your supporters and potential future customers tell you to do.

General Membership

General Membership (Individuals) in the association will be free during the first year. This is open for anyone who would like to join. No voting rights in CfPA will be granted. Individuals can volunteer to serve on committees and assist in other volunteer needs of CfPA.

Individuals can elect to become part of the CfPA Founding Board. This position will be open for a specific period of time. We are seeking to attract visionaries, early adopters, and those who understand how strategic and important crowdfunding and the mission of the CfPA is. Those who are willing to financially support the CfPA, will be given a title of distinction and a historical position for supporting the association. The title and position does not come with any voting rights in CfPA.
Membership Level Price  
General Member Free
Founding Board Member Platinum $5,000
Founding Board Member Gold $3,000
Founding Board Member Silver $1,000
Founding Board Member Bronze $500
Co-Founding Member $100